Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So Much More!

My Weekend- My Mom came down for a visit! It was so nice to see her! She kept Gage busy while I was busy working on the shower! Then she made the trip with us to Phoenix for the baby shower! It was a very long day! Then on Sunday we went to church! I'm looking for one down here and let me tell you I was not impressed with the one we went to! Guess I'll keep looking! I was hoping it would be a good experience but it was quite the opposite! First thing first I get there and they won't allow me to take Gage into the Sanctuary but I'm not going to put him in the nursery with people I've never met in my life! Church or not! So we had to sit in a separate room and watch the service through the window! I felt like a criminal! The sermon was super long and not too exciting! My mom even fell asleep which she never does! I used to get in so much trouble for doing the same thing! I wish we lived in Mesa! My church down there is so alive and thriving! And the people are so wonderful! This church we visited wasn't too big but yet nobody welcomed us, even after we told them we were first time visitors! It was a very cold place and I feel like that is the last thing a church should be! So I may try the church on base!
Grama, Gage, & Gucci!

Gage-has a doctors appointment on Wednesday just with his regular doctor! I want to sit down with her face to face and talk out the situation with him since we were only told what was going on over a voice mail! So were going in to talk and figure out all the next steps! There will also probably be a few shots involved!

October 15th- Was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day! So many wonderful people lit a candle in honor of my sweet Baby Gavin! I was absolutely blown away! I'm going to try and add a picture folder cause there are just too many pictures to post on here! But they are amazing so I for sure want to share! I'll let you know when I get it all set up! For now here are a couple pictures of the candle I lit!

The Flame in the middle is Gavin's the one to the right for My friend Staceie's son Kaden and the one on the left for my friend Kalle's son Kamrin! The small candle on the left is for both of my sisters in law who both lost thier pregnancy's this year after Gavin passed away! And the other small one on the left is for all the other babies who went to be with the Lord!
Here is Gavin's Flame!

October 22nd- What a special day this will be! I so wish I was able to be there! On this day at 4:45 P.M. Will be the Gavin's Place Dedication! This is a memorial park and fenced play area designed to offer a safe place for the children of Fort Belvoir to play! Again I'm completely blown away! A friend up there just myspaced me saying that they just put in benches, picnic tables and even a grill! How amazing! I love it! I'll have pictures tomorrow after the ceremony! Some of the families who were there the day my Gavin passed way will be going to the dedication and are sending me pictures! The memory of my sweet boy lives on through people all across the country how amazing is that? He touched so many at such a young age!
The flyer for the dedication!

A sign that was put up at Fort Belvoir!

A close up!