Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gage Turns 1!

June 12th came and went and my baby is a big boy now! When did that happen? It has been quite the year! Some days I wasn't sure we'd ever make it to see a year! Other days went by too fast and now I'm wondering where all the time went! So when this very special day came we had just a small celebration with Gage, Josh & I! The following week would be his big party! But for the time being...I made him some special cupcakes and decorated around his highchair! He loved his cupcakes!

The batter I colored to make his cupcakes!

Gage's very special cupcake!

The inside of the cupcakes!

He picked up the entire cupcake and shoved it in his face!

Playing With His Balloons!

This was Gage's special lil Birthday just the three of us! And what a special boy we have! We love him so much and thank God everyday for our amazing lil Gager!


Anonymous said...

You're gonna have to post pictures from his party at the park! It is hard to believe it's been a year. Happy Birthday Mr. Gage!

Matt n Jessica said...

Wow, happy bday to Gage! I love him smashing that cupcake into his face! One of my kids was afraid to do that and I was bummed!

{our happy nest} said...

i can't believe he's one! and garrett is almost there. time seriously goes by way way way too fast. and those cupcakes look delicious!