Thursday, July 9, 2009

Saying Goodbye!

Tonight we are saying goodbye to something that has been near and dear to us for the past year! Our dear friend Similac will no longer be part of our life (well at least for the time being)

Tonight I made Gage's very last formula bottle and put him to bed! It's now on to bigger and better things! Can't say I'll miss it all that much! It's a rather messy and stinky guest! But I sure do enjoy why it comes into my household! So until the next Pyatt Baby.....SO LONG SIMILAC!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

This Is The Beginning Of Something BIG!!!

Gage turned 1 on June 12th but his BIG party wasn't till June 20th! We made the 5 hour trek up to Show Low to throw the big bash! His entire theme was Hurley and I made all the decor by hand! It turned out amazing and we had such a great time with our Sweet Boy and all our family and friends! Here are a few pics of Gage's BIG day!

The Cupcake Table!
Gage's Very Own Cake! It said This Is The Beginning Of Something Big all around the cake!
Gage's Birthday Banner I made! It Said Gage on it too but for some reason I cut it out of the picture!

Gage's balloon canopy that hung over the main table! Thanks Aunt Megin and Miss Kathi for all your help!
A view (not the best view) of the main table! I made a table runner that said This is the beginning of something big and had Hurley signs all over it!

Gage Opening one of his MANY presents!

He got a Build-A-Frog named Lucky from Josh & I!

Giving him his special memorial cuff! It says Brothers....Far Apart But close at heart! Then it has Gavin's date of birth and date of death on the inside! Thank you Ashley for all of that! It's so very special to us!

Playing with his new toy!
Gage's new Blanket Made by My mom, Gage's great grandma, & Myself! There's a whole bed set to go with it but it wasn't completely finished yet! His whole Big Boy room and party were all based around this!

An amazing rocking horse from Aunt Judi and Uncle Dave!

Still not quite sure but he was starting to get used to it!

Time for Cake!

He knew exactly what he was doing!

Got a lil in his eye! LOL!

And every where else too!!!

What a special boy we have! He only deserved the very best special day to celebrate his life thus far! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAGER!!!