Friday, November 21, 2008

How Many Times Can I Break Till I Shatter?

Gage is my difficult child! Though I love him very much he tends to drive me nuts! Lately he pretty much hasn't stopped crying! I've been calling him drama lately cause I can not be out of his sight for one minute or it's over and the flood gates are opened (WIDE)
It makes me so sad to actually be saying this because I love him so much but it's becoming a bad habit? How do you break such a habit? It's very trying I must say! But I just breath and try to think of another silly thing I can do to make him smile and take his mind off of being upset! Obvious to me that this will be my job for the next 30..40..50... years! Make him smile! Nothing brings me more joy! Dear Lord please take my babies crankiness away! Please help me to be strong daily and give me the patience to endure the long days of fussiness! Amen
Needless to say now is harder than ever! Josh broke his hand almost a week ago so I've lost my helper and my mind! My poor hubby! He's been so miserable lately with a broken hand! It's crazy times in the Pyatt household for sure! I look forward to Thanksgiving next week and having our family down here with us!


{Ashley B} said...

sounds like life is chaotic for you right now. i hope it gets better and your hubby's hand heals up quickly.
on another note, that tree is awesome! i love it!