Monday, November 10, 2008

That Time Of Year!

Yep this is how it is round my house! All 3 of us caught a lil cold! Gage has the worst of it poor lil guy! So I've been quite busy taking care of him lately he is so miserable! He just wants mama to hold him! we got his crib finally and so now when I do get a chance to put him down he naps in his crib! Getting ready for the transition! He seems to really like it!

Now I'm ready to decorate his room! Yeah I'm getting a slow start! But I'm ready now since he'll actually be in there more!

So I'm so excited to say that my lil Niece Marlee Shay was born Yesterday! She weighed 6lbs 4 oz! I can't wait to hold her! The pictures are real small cause they were sent to me on my cell! I'll have more pictures soon I'll be seeing them next week!

Her lips are so big and pouty!

Lil Miss Marlee

Hiding her lil face!

My two beautiful nieces Kyleie and Marlee!

My cousin is Due NEXT WEEK! HOORAY!! She's so ready! She's hurting bad! Hang in there mama!

I'll have Halloween pics soon! There are so many! It's ridiculous! So as soon as I get em I'll post em!