Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Lil Treasure!

Oh my dear Baby Gavin! How these pictures make me smile and cry at the same time! I'm so glad to finally share them with my friends! How I wish you were here to watch you grow and love your lil brother! I know you would adore him! You made me the woman I am today and life without you will never be the same! I treasure the life you lived and the memories we made! How lucky I am to be you mommy and to love you! I will cherish you all the days of my life! I love you and miss you my baby!
Love Your Mama
We got these pictures done when I was a month from Gavin's due date and when he was 3 months old! I just had a very hard time ordering the pictures! I wish it wouldn't have taken me so long! When we brought Gavin home to lay him to rest I went directly to Lofgreens and ordered the pics! It could not wait any longer! It has taken me a while to upload them cause I scanner was missing in action! I'm surprised I can find anything with as many times as we've moved in the past year! And the army moves everything for us so we just have to keep our fingers crossed! Although it is nice to not have to do it ourselves! I HATE packing! So here they are finally! These pictures are such a treasure to me! I hope you enjoy them!


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures Seana! I don't think you have to worry to much about Gavin watching his brother grow...he is!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, its so nice to have those! He was (is) such a beautiful little boy, and you were glowing when you were pregnant with him. He is definitely watching little Gage grow up, and will be his guardian angel always.

Kristal and Jason said...

They are beautiful and I can see why you treasure them. I hope this holiday is a good one. Keep your spirits up. Gage is a cutey too. Sorry about the crying and clinginess. I have a couple of those myself. It will get better.

Chris and Nichole said...

Your pictures (you) are stunning! Aren't we all so lucky to have memories and pictures!? Hope your family has an amazing Christmas!

P.S. I love your tree!!

{Ashley B} said...

those are beautiful. i agree with kathi, i'm sure that gavin is keeping a watch on gage. he is beautiful!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I love those pictures! I just took a couple of pictures in my sports bra. (not very flattering) ;)
Having a little one I really am amazed at your strength. It makes us all appreciate the good and even the bad times.
By the way, can you tell I LOVE the name Gavin:)