Friday, December 12, 2008


Yep that's right today was Gages Halfa Birfday! Hard to believe he's a half a year old! So we definitely had to celebrate the fact we made it through the first 6 Months! It's been a long hard road! So I made a freezer paper shirt for the special day! (Thanks Ash) Here are the pics of that!

I love the way his shirt turned out! He looked so cute in it! So we had quite the day! We played and took a couple mimi's! Then we worked on our standing up and sitting up! I think he's better at standing up then he is sitting up! He does everything his own special way! We also opened our present and ate some Squash! Then we went really wild and colored our hair red (Don't worry it washes right out) and made a mold of our hand and foot! Then it was time to clean up and have a nice baba mimi! (baba mimi started with Gavin) So here are a few pics of our busy day! Well actually QUITE A Few pics so bare with me!
Sitting up big boy style!
This is such a Gavin Face he making!
Falling Over!
Standing up big boy style!
I love this one like he's ready to say his bed time prayer!
His present all wrapped!
HOORAY for presents!
What Could It Be?
Enjoying his new Duckie While Falling Over!
Snow Man Duckie who is still name-less!

Squash Face!
His Red Hawk in true Uncle Klint style!
Eating the culprit for the red hawk!
This Was Insane!
He was covered in Plaster!
After 3 trys we finally got it! This was as good as it was gonna get! I will paint it tomorrow!

Wow what a fun day we had! It wore us all out! Now were all tucked in snugly warm and dreaming away! Well except for Mama that is!

Here's a lil info about our big 6 month old!
(This was all taken a week ago when he visited the doctor!)
Weight:17lbs 11oz
Length: 26 3/4 in
Foot: Wears a size 2
Clothes: Anywhere from 6-12 months depends on the brand

These are a few of his favorite things:
He loves to watch the Backyardagains (taking after his big brother)
When him and mama rock out he likes Womanizer by Britney Spears, and That's Not My Name by the Ting Tings the most! He likes the beat!
He Loves a good Bink and being all snugly in lots of blankets!
He loves his puppies and adores his Dada!
He loves it when Mommy sings to him!
He also loves his jumper!
And he also loves all the funny crazy noises that I make for him!

Nick Names:
Friend or Widdle Friend
Cute Cute
Peanut (from my mom)
G Man Jr.
Lilest Son