Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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With All Our
The Pyatts♥

Friday, November 21, 2008

How Many Times Can I Break Till I Shatter?

Gage is my difficult child! Though I love him very much he tends to drive me nuts! Lately he pretty much hasn't stopped crying! I've been calling him drama lately cause I can not be out of his sight for one minute or it's over and the flood gates are opened (WIDE)
It makes me so sad to actually be saying this because I love him so much but it's becoming a bad habit? How do you break such a habit? It's very trying I must say! But I just breath and try to think of another silly thing I can do to make him smile and take his mind off of being upset! Obvious to me that this will be my job for the next 30..40..50... years! Make him smile! Nothing brings me more joy! Dear Lord please take my babies crankiness away! Please help me to be strong daily and give me the patience to endure the long days of fussiness! Amen
Needless to say now is harder than ever! Josh broke his hand almost a week ago so I've lost my helper and my mind! My poor hubby! He's been so miserable lately with a broken hand! It's crazy times in the Pyatt household for sure! I look forward to Thanksgiving next week and having our family down here with us!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Startin To Come Together!

OK HOORAY for me my Christmas tree is starting to come together! I've been collecting stuff for my tree lately and I've been super lucky to find what I've found so far! Now this isn't just any tree! I'm replicating a tree that I saw last year in Louisiana when we took Gavin to see Santa Clause! We had some pics taken in front of it too! This tree is just so Magical I love it!

Just a lil trip down memory lane! Now let me show you the tree!

I vowed last year that this would be my theme and my tree would look like this one the following year and I'm super excited about it! I even found the two big Candy Canes on the front! This will be a tradition in our lil family along with a few others I'm working on!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shabby Chic

Well Josh will be out of the Army in just about 2 years and were planning on building a house shortly there after as soon as we decide exactly what well be doing and where! I realized that that really isn't all that far away with how time flys these days! So I've been trying to decide how I would want my home! I was having problems with most of all of the decisions till I found this amazing lil store called The White Chair in Snowflake next to the McDonalds! It's a lil Shabby Chic Decor store! This store makes me smile BIG!! Just walking around in this store is an experience in it's self! I was so amazingly happy in that store so I decided it makes since for me to surround myself with these things! Now shabby chic is alot of white and I have alot of Espresso furniture but Im learning that I can still do shabby chic with my dark furniture! So for now Im just starting to collect things for my future home! I can't wait! Here are some of the amazing ideas Im finding that I love! Just thought I'd share with you! Also GO check out The White Chair store you will fall in love with it PROMISE! If you know of any great shabby chic stores (online too) let me know!

October 15th Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day!

Here are the pics of all the candles people lit in honor of Gavin! So amazing!

Gavins Place!

OK here are the pics from Gavin's Place that I have been promising! I am truly touched by this Honor the United States Army has given to the Children of Fort Belvoir in Virginia in My sons Name! WOW!

Monday, November 10, 2008

That Time Of Year!

Yep this is how it is round my house! All 3 of us caught a lil cold! Gage has the worst of it poor lil guy! So I've been quite busy taking care of him lately he is so miserable! He just wants mama to hold him! we got his crib finally and so now when I do get a chance to put him down he naps in his crib! Getting ready for the transition! He seems to really like it!

Now I'm ready to decorate his room! Yeah I'm getting a slow start! But I'm ready now since he'll actually be in there more!

So I'm so excited to say that my lil Niece Marlee Shay was born Yesterday! She weighed 6lbs 4 oz! I can't wait to hold her! The pictures are real small cause they were sent to me on my cell! I'll have more pictures soon I'll be seeing them next week!

Her lips are so big and pouty!

Lil Miss Marlee

Hiding her lil face!

My two beautiful nieces Kyleie and Marlee!

My cousin is Due NEXT WEEK! HOORAY!! She's so ready! She's hurting bad! Hang in there mama!

I'll have Halloween pics soon! There are so many! It's ridiculous! So as soon as I get em I'll post em!