Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bare With Me!

K so I went to change my blog background and some how all my side pics & text got deleted so I will be working on it for the next couple days to get pics and what not on there oh and my Kisses for Callie Button too. So keep checkin it out! I plan on doing something real cute and creative!


Anonymous said...

Ya know...I think Josh's genes may have out done yours with Gage! LOL...I've seen pictures of the two boys but not as close as you have em in your header and while Gage looks like you...Gavin was the male version of you! I think Gage may favor daddy a bit! LOL

{ashley b} said...

So I love your new header and paper. So cute! I did that once and it was such a pain. Have fun getting it all back on! :)

Aunt Tiff said...

Hey girl!! I am SO glad you found my blog! I litterally shed tears reading your story. I am so sorry to hear about your little guy. Your little Gage is so adorable. Please keep in touch!!