Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bon Appetit....OR NOT!!

Generally I don't cook and we found out why tonight! I actually didn't do too bad of a job the recipe just wasn't the best! But My wine tasting skills were superb however! I found this recipe about a week ago that sounded so yummy and I had been wanting to make it! It was Pasta with Garlic and Olive oil! So I was all excited to cook for Josh since I rarely do! So I went out to the store and picked up the ingredients I needed to make my yummy dish and also picked up some fresh green beans to go with it! I also picked up some Ben & Jerry's and A bottle of Yellow Tail Rose Wine! I was so excited to come home and cook for my honey! He deserved a break! So I got home and poured a glass of wine and got prepared to make our delicious meal!

I chopped all the garlic just right! And sipped on my wine!

I started the water for the spaghetti and got the green beans ready and on the stove! Then I started on the olive oil sauce! And sipped on my wine!

(These pictures make me laugh it's like where's waldo with my wine glass!)

As I was waiting for things to simmer and boil I fed Gage some pears with Raspberry's to go along with his bitter biscuit that he became friends with for the first time today! I think he's had 2 today and also a banana cookie he liked those too! He also became familiar with White Grape Juice. He hasn't been a big juice fan until today!

After Gage was nice and full and I had had a couple more sips of wine Dinner Was Ready....Or so I thought! I went to taste it and it was not so great! So I told josh and he came and fixed it fir me! He's really good with spices! Thank goodness! My green beans turned out amazing though! Lol! So we sat down for our dinner and turned on Wall-E! What a cute movie! Now for some Pistachio Pistachio Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream! I may not be able to cook to well but I sure can pick some killer Ice cream!


Aelon said...

Hey girlie, it's Aelon. I had no idea you had a blog...i'm glad you mentioned it now so I can keep up with you. Mine is you guys are doing good:)

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

That is more adventurous then I ever am. Usually the plain ol' egg sandwhich is it for me...haha.