Friday, January 23, 2009


Today was so nice! Josh had a day off so we got up and got ready and went to lunch and then went to the PX to just look around and kill time before our WIC appointment at 3:00! THANK GOD FOR WIC!! SO after our appointment we headed to the bank and then to Safeway to do some Grocery shopping! We used coupons for the first time and though we only save 17 dollars I was very excited! It's a good start in my book! After shopping we headed back home and I decided to re organize the cabinet that we put all Gages formula, food, bottles, juice, etc. in! It was holding a bunch of other food in it but I needed more room! Here's the final product!

The top shelf is home to our candy hoard!


After I was finished with the cabinet I took on the fridge scrubbed it down and re organized it and put our new groceries away!

I think we need to go back to Safeway it looks so empty now!


So by this time I was on a roll so I decided to tackle the pantry! So I threw some clothes in the wash and put a load of dishes in the dish washer and started my new task!

There are about 4 bags of cereal behind the boxes! We won't have to buy cereal for a while!


I've been wanting to get these organized for a while! And finally did! HOORAY ME!! Plus I got two loads of laundry done... not folded though! UGH I hate folding laundry!

Josh grilled some steaks tonight, and we had Parmesan pasta and green beans! Oh my goodness it was DELISH! So much better than my dinner last night! This is why we let Josh do the cooking! While he was grilling I fed Gage his dinner Pineapple, Ham and Rice dinner! MMMM he loved it!

After dinner I did the dinner dishes and wiped up the counters then It was time to clean the stove! I was not looking forward to it! So I asked Josh if he was gonna give Gage his bath for me and he was like if you give him his bath I'll clean the stove...DEAL!!!!! So I gave Cakey his bath and fed him his dessert which he likes to have in his bath! He's so silly! I got Gage out of the bath, lotioned him up and got him ready for a nice Baba Mimi! Came back out to a clean stove!

It was like MAGIC!!! It looks amazing! Good Job baby! I Love You!


Now were laying in bed and a snack sounds nice! Yeah Yeah I know it's 2:15 in the morning but I eat whenever I feel like it! Were staying up late cause Josh has to work tomorrow night midnight to 8 am! I hate that shift! I wish everyday could be like today! Anyway Nighty Night friends Sleep Tight!


Anonymous said...

Where do you get your motivation? LOL...I want to do things like that but I guess I'm just not in the shape to do it. I wish I could get some one to do the dinner dishes, but looks like I'll have to wait till Danika is like 10! LOL

Aunt Tiff said...

Way to get stuff done!! Isn't that the best feeling?!! I hate cleaning all of that, but you feel much better after it is finished. Way to go on the couponing! We have saved thousands over the past year with coupons. The more you get into it the more addicted you become:)

Chris and Nichole said...

I LOVE days like that when you get on a roll!! It's the best feeling, though I haven't had one in a while,lol! Great job on the couponing!!