Saturday, March 14, 2009

UPDATE #2!! (Tattoo)

Yep I got some new ink while I was home! And I'm absolutely in love! I know you are all dyeing to see it so here's the pic!
Let me let you in on my lil secret! I got my eyebrows tatted on! My regular brows are very light and fine! Very difficult to take care of! I've been penciling in my brows for years and I was over it! They were done by my Brother in law Klint Edwards at Highlander Tattoos in Show Low
Need some good ink done? Check out Highlander Tattoos! By far the best on the mountain!
(Located Behind Sonic)
Thanks Klint I LOVE them! No more penciling them in! HOORAY!!


Anonymous said...

Haha...great! So are you going to have the boys names done soon too then? Did it hurt?

Porter Prodigies II said...

Yay! That should save some time in the mornings!