Saturday, March 14, 2009

UPDATE #5!! (Meeting Miss Marlee)

So my best friend Kasarah's Girlfriend had a baby in November and this past week when we went home I finally got to meet her! We've already got her married off to Gage! Lol! It was arranged long before they were born! It was so good to finally get to hold her chunkiness instead of just seeing it in picture messages on my phone!

Me and my bestie Kasarah! Yeah she makes me look really dark!

Kasarah & Jessica's Oldest Mariah! (that's a temp tattoo on her face) This lil girl will have you rollin on the floor laughing! She's so dang funny!

Lil Miss Marlee Shay 4 Months old! I just love her huge cheeks!

This one's a lil blurry of her but I still love her!

Me and my lil Marlee! We're the same color! lol!

Lil Marlee St. Diapy Head is what we called her! Rockin the Hurley onsie I got her!


Porter Prodigies II said...

What an adorable baby! I LOVE her rolly cheeks, chubby is the best! Im so glad you are posting again, we missed you out here in blog world!