Saturday, March 14, 2009

UPDATE #3 (The Wedding)

Now I only have a very few pictures for now! But we went home for a week last week! We went for Josh's moms wedding and to set Gavin's headstone which was in my first update! It was a beautiful wedding and we had such a great time being with our families!
Jack & Kristen the happy couple enjoying their first dance!
Jack feeding Kristen her cake!
Gage ditched his cute dress clothes and had a nice dance with cousin Abby!

Gage & Cousin Zach two of the single men waiting to catch the garter!

There will be more pics in the future when Kristen gets the pics that were done that day back! STAY TUNED!
Plus if I can get my hands on the video of the Irish Jig that a few of us girls did & Grandpa choreographed i will post it! It was a big surprise for the happy couple! It turned out very well!