Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Melt Down!

I always say that Gavin never prepared me for Gage! They are complete day and night! Gage is a very sweet baby but he is very demanding! He fights me on everything! Lately he throws these killer fits! Hysterically screaming and flailing his arms! I have to keep his nails trimmed all of the time cause he will grab me and pinch me! The other day I thought he actually took a chunk out of my arm! Hell grab my hair and pull it taking chunks at a time! Tonight he screamed for at least a good hour if not more! I had to hold him snugly and hold his arms down at the same time cause I'm so afraid he is going to hurt himself! I don't understand these melt downs that he has! He's been fed, changed, given a Bink, loved, kissed, hugged, burped...absolutely everything I can think of! I think I'm gonna schedule an appointment with his doctor! I've never seen a baby do the things that he does during these melt downs! Not one as young as him! I love him very much and will sit with him through these as long as it takes! I just wonder if there is something else behind this!