Friday, September 26, 2008

Gavin's Place!

So most of you know that my son Gavin Marshall Messier passed away recently! The gal involved has started a project back in Virginia in honor of Gavin! This is the proposal that she sent to the Sargent Major! The proposal has been accepted and plans are being made to start construction! I am so truly touched by this! Check it out! Love ya guys!

Gavin's Place Project
Objective: To build a safe fenced area for children to ride bikes and power wheels, to run and play, and to honor the memory of a special little boy.
Statement: We believe Pinnacle is doing a wonderful job managing and building our communities. However, a young boy named Gavin Pyatt was killed Tuesday by a truck in an alleyway here in Herryford Village. The concern of parents is that though we have wonderful small playgrounds here in Herryford, there is no suitable place for our children to ride bikes and powerwheels, or to run free and play. As a result, parents and children are congregating in the alleyways as an alternative to the small and unfenced front yards. Once viewed as a safer alternative to playing in the street, we now know that the alleys are just as risky as the main roads. Many parents in these homes have multiple children. Even under the closest supervision, it is very challenging to protect children from the danger of the roads and cars. Upon review of the following points, we believe that you will agree with us that building a large fenced play area would not only be safer for our military children, but protect the Pinnacle Company and the military as well.
Proposal: We are proposing that Pinnacle and the United States Military build a fenced play area on the open grass expanse in Herryford Village and call it Gavin's Place. The expense for this project would be minimal and the benefits would be many, including the following:
Building a gated play area gives our children a place to ride powerwheels and bikes and play in a safe area without the risk of falling in the streets and alleys or being struck by a car.
It provides a safe place for military families to congregate and socialize, which is especially important for the lonely and sometimes overwhelmed spouses of deployed troops.
It encourages healthy exercise for children such as bike riding, running etc.
It demonstrates that Pinnacle and the United States of America have a commitment to taking all necessary steps to protect the children of the men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting the American people and their way of life.
It demonstrates a commitment to safety and reduces the substantial risk of liability to the Military and/or Pinnacle in the event something like this should happen again and the parents proceed with a lawsuit.
It ensures that something positive and good will come out of a needless tragedy and honors the memory of a wonderful little boy.
Contact Information: Thank you for your support of our military families. Please contact the following Herryford Village parents as we work together to ensure a safe community for the children of our military families:
Shawn and Rachel Tate – Address: 9512 Hannah Lane Phone: (202) 471-0218


butlerfam15 said...

You don't know me any more than I know you, or should I say, we have never met on this planet! But we KNOW each other!
I am the mother of Ashley & Callie Butler (& 11 other equally amazing children as well as 5 wonderful & amazing grandchildren!)
Ashley told me of you & your recent tragedy a few months ago! I was moved deeply by your story & my heart has gone out to you! May the Lord be over you & your family FOREVER! You have your special angel boy holding a place for you in Heaven!!!
God Bless You Now & Always,
Dana Butler