Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Furry Babies!

So I've introduced you to Josh, Gavin, & Gage. So let me introduce you to the rest of the family!

♥Roxie AKA Raw-wie

Roxie is Josh's baby! She was the girl in his life before I came into the picture! She is such a good dog, Josh has her very well trained! She loves Gavin and Gage! Gavin adored her and called her Raw-wie! She will always be known as Raw-wie! She has such a personality! She's hilarious and swears shes a lap dog!

Gucci is my baby! What gave it away? Lol!
Josh got Gucci for me a couple months ago! He is a 9 month old AKC papered Yorkie! What I've always wanted! (Yes my husband spoils me!) Gucci is very good with Gage! When Gage is asleep on the couch Gucci lays at his feet! It'll be great for them to grow up together! Gucci is a lil crazy but I'm working on training him!

Gucci & Roxie get along famously! A lil too well some times! They drive me nuts at times playing constantly! Gucci swears he's as big as Roxie even though Roxie tramples him from time to time! Our home would not be the same with out them!♥


Anonymous said...

My favorite picture EVER was Roxy a Gavin in his play yard! So cute. I hate that Rotties have bad reps for bein' "vicious" dogs. It's all in how you train em'