Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Late Night!

So I'm awake, as usual! I can't seem to sleep at night to save my life! Josh and I are going to see a counselor today at 3pm to help with losing Gavin! I know I need to go but of course I'm a lil sceptical! I have fallen into a bit of a depression, it only makes since, I lost a huge part of me! There's just some broken things that can't be fixed! I know it will help me though at least a lil! We will see how it goes!


Kelli Starkes said...

Hang in there Seana. Gavin doesn't want his mommy to hurt anymore he wants you to be strong for his little brother. Gavin is looking over you and Josh and Gage

Anonymous said...

I think it's great you will have someone who can help you through Gavin's passing. Talking with you before you left, I worried about you. While I don't think it's something you will ever be truly over. Remember if you need someone...I'm here!