Thursday, January 29, 2009


OK so I have a couple new things to tell you guys! First of all Gage had is scope done and it all went very well! And just as you said Dawna he came through with flying colors! And the diagnosis is.... ACID REFLEX! So we were given a script for liquid Zantac and sent on our way!
Here he is just before the procedure in his cute lil hospital gown! The Turtle Was a gift From the Tucson Medical Center and he loved playing with his lil tiny blood pressure cuff! It was pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love his lil ears and how they stick out from is Charlie Brown Head!

The other great News is Gavin's Headstone is finally done! Now we just have to get all the details figured out to get it up to Showlow and get it set!

It turned out AMAZING!!! I Love it SO MUCH! I found a great Garden Bench to go with it too! It'll be such a relief when it is finally in place!

One More Very Exciting thing.....


We are getting an AMAZING amount back and feel very BLESSED!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

...And The Greatest Of These Is Love

One thing I love about Josh is he somehow always finds me when were in bed and he's sleeping! Either with his feet or with his hands! But he always finds me! We have a California King sized bed so its easy to sleep far apart. The other night I got into bed and got all comfy (I'm almost always up long after he's drifted to sleep) soon his hand found mine! I looked up and felt so overwhelmed wanting to never forget this kind of perfection!
It's SO GOOD to be in love to an amazing, caring man who loves me just as much as I love him
It's SO GOOD to be in love with a baby boy (Well two baby boys) together!
I could never brag about Josh enough!
He is by far my rock and my hero in more ways than one!
"" Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage.""
Author: Lao Tzu
In Weakness & Strength
Till Death Do Us Part

I Love You Baby!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Today was so nice! Josh had a day off so we got up and got ready and went to lunch and then went to the PX to just look around and kill time before our WIC appointment at 3:00! THANK GOD FOR WIC!! SO after our appointment we headed to the bank and then to Safeway to do some Grocery shopping! We used coupons for the first time and though we only save 17 dollars I was very excited! It's a good start in my book! After shopping we headed back home and I decided to re organize the cabinet that we put all Gages formula, food, bottles, juice, etc. in! It was holding a bunch of other food in it but I needed more room! Here's the final product!

The top shelf is home to our candy hoard!


After I was finished with the cabinet I took on the fridge scrubbed it down and re organized it and put our new groceries away!

I think we need to go back to Safeway it looks so empty now!


So by this time I was on a roll so I decided to tackle the pantry! So I threw some clothes in the wash and put a load of dishes in the dish washer and started my new task!

There are about 4 bags of cereal behind the boxes! We won't have to buy cereal for a while!


I've been wanting to get these organized for a while! And finally did! HOORAY ME!! Plus I got two loads of laundry done... not folded though! UGH I hate folding laundry!

Josh grilled some steaks tonight, and we had Parmesan pasta and green beans! Oh my goodness it was DELISH! So much better than my dinner last night! This is why we let Josh do the cooking! While he was grilling I fed Gage his dinner Pineapple, Ham and Rice dinner! MMMM he loved it!

After dinner I did the dinner dishes and wiped up the counters then It was time to clean the stove! I was not looking forward to it! So I asked Josh if he was gonna give Gage his bath for me and he was like if you give him his bath I'll clean the stove...DEAL!!!!! So I gave Cakey his bath and fed him his dessert which he likes to have in his bath! He's so silly! I got Gage out of the bath, lotioned him up and got him ready for a nice Baba Mimi! Came back out to a clean stove!

It was like MAGIC!!! It looks amazing! Good Job baby! I Love You!


Now were laying in bed and a snack sounds nice! Yeah Yeah I know it's 2:15 in the morning but I eat whenever I feel like it! Were staying up late cause Josh has to work tomorrow night midnight to 8 am! I hate that shift! I wish everyday could be like today! Anyway Nighty Night friends Sleep Tight!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bon Appetit....OR NOT!!

Generally I don't cook and we found out why tonight! I actually didn't do too bad of a job the recipe just wasn't the best! But My wine tasting skills were superb however! I found this recipe about a week ago that sounded so yummy and I had been wanting to make it! It was Pasta with Garlic and Olive oil! So I was all excited to cook for Josh since I rarely do! So I went out to the store and picked up the ingredients I needed to make my yummy dish and also picked up some fresh green beans to go with it! I also picked up some Ben & Jerry's and A bottle of Yellow Tail Rose Wine! I was so excited to come home and cook for my honey! He deserved a break! So I got home and poured a glass of wine and got prepared to make our delicious meal!

I chopped all the garlic just right! And sipped on my wine!

I started the water for the spaghetti and got the green beans ready and on the stove! Then I started on the olive oil sauce! And sipped on my wine!

(These pictures make me laugh it's like where's waldo with my wine glass!)

As I was waiting for things to simmer and boil I fed Gage some pears with Raspberry's to go along with his bitter biscuit that he became friends with for the first time today! I think he's had 2 today and also a banana cookie he liked those too! He also became familiar with White Grape Juice. He hasn't been a big juice fan until today!

After Gage was nice and full and I had had a couple more sips of wine Dinner Was Ready....Or so I thought! I went to taste it and it was not so great! So I told josh and he came and fixed it fir me! He's really good with spices! Thank goodness! My green beans turned out amazing though! Lol! So we sat down for our dinner and turned on Wall-E! What a cute movie! Now for some Pistachio Pistachio Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream! I may not be able to cook to well but I sure can pick some killer Ice cream!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Time Has Come!

Tomorrow I go in and make the appointment for Gage to have his Barri um Swallow done! Then January 27th we will be headed to Tucson for the scope to be done! They will be putting a scope down his throat and looking around! Does anybody know what this procedure involves! I know it has a specific name that I can never remember! I'm very worried about this whole situation although I try not to show it! Please keep us in your prayers every one helps!

Sweet Baby Face!

What a sweet baby I have! WOW! I am so truly blessed to have him in my life! I just love everything about his lil face! He'll sit there and look at me and I'll hold his huge marshmallow cheeks in my hands and say "Look at this sweet Baby face" and he'll just look up at me & smile so big! I love his Big blue eyes that remind me so much of his brothers! I'm so thankful that Gage also got those same blue eyes! I love his incredibly long lashes that he inherited from his father! The combination of the two will surely cause mass chaos one day! I Love his huge marshmallow cheeks to kiss on and his great big smile that lights up my world every time I see it! I love his lil tongue that is constantly sticking out these days leading to massive amounts of drooling and one would think a tired tongue! I love all his silly facial expressions and how they all resemble his father! His personality and since of humor are out of this world! He's got such and energy about him! What a lil love I have! Thank you Lord for making me his Mommy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is Your Child Spoiled Like Mine?

Do they listen to lullabys at night when the snooz away and also in the day during their naps?
If you answered yes to any of these quetions then do I have a C.D. for you!

I got this great lil find for Gage for Christmas! I got it at our local PX on base!

Here's where you can find it online

Gage loves it and I am also quite fond of it! It has 15 great songs on it! Ranging from the clasic Lullabyes to some great Hymns that I grew up with all done with a Veggie Tale Twist! It also has instrumental verzions of all 15 songs!

Here's The List Of Songs

1. Rock A Bye Baby

2. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

3. Itsy Bitsy Spider

4. This Little Light Of Mine

5. Brahm's Lullaby

6. For The Beauty Of The Earth

7. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

8. This Is My Fathers World

9. All The Pretty Little Horses

10. Fairest Lord Jesus

11. Kumbayah

12. Morning Has Broken

13. Amazing Grace

14. Jesus Loves Me

15. Now The Day Is Over

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bare With Me!

K so I went to change my blog background and some how all my side pics & text got deleted so I will be working on it for the next couple days to get pics and what not on there oh and my Kisses for Callie Button too. So keep checkin it out! I plan on doing something real cute and creative!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another Good Day!

So we had a pretty good day again today!
Again only cried when he was ready for mimi (bed)! Dada was at work today so Gage & I decided to go walk to the mail box down the street and get the mail! We also had nanners earlier today and then sweet tatters during his bath! He polished both off! They were both bout a half a jar or a lil more! We are starting to introduce juice! He doesn't like to drink it on his own but he'll let me squirt it in his mouth! He's so silly! We also worked on his sitting up by himself! He can do it if he would just try a lil! He's got a short attention span! LOL! He's really starting to get the hang of it and will balance himself real well for about a minute at a time or so!

I couldn't get a pic from the front cause it'd through him off! Besides someone has to catch him when he loses it! :)
Then Gage and Dada hung out and watched the Colts and Chargers Game! A lil male bonding!

After some nice snuggles it was time for a bath and a baba mimi! He went right to sleep! Guess we wore him out today!

Friday, January 2, 2009

1.1.09 A Day That Will Live On In History!

OK so maybe not but it was a super exciting day for me! It was by far the SUPER BEST day that Gage and I have ever had! I was so ready for the break too! He didn't fuss at all, only cried when he was ready for his nap, and played in his jumper most all day! So I took advantage of this new found glory and took down the Christmas tree, and decorations, Put up all the Christmas dishes, Washed my bedding, vacuumed, dusted, did two loads of dishes made myself a healthy dinner since Josh was at work, & cleaned Josh's and My room! I still had time to play with Gage and we had a great time! We laughed and played and I sang to him...which he loves! What an amazing lil boy I have not that I didn't already know that! We have been working on Gages eating and he is finally starting to get the hang of it! He just didn't quite get the idea before! So I had the bright idea of feeding him while he sat in his bumbo which is now what he takes his bath in! HE LOVED IT!!! He finished off almost full jar of apple sauce! It was amazing! He sat there and ate like any normal baby! I decided all of this came from the lil talk he and I had on New Years Eve! I told him that our New Years Resolution should be that he be a better baby and I would be a better Mama! Maybe he needed a fresh new start too! Lol!
Today Wasn't as good as yesterday but it wasn't horrible! He barely napped so I think that was the culprit! I was worn out from yesterday so I just sat around today! So when it was time for his bath I decided we would eat some more! (don't worry I feed him during the day too I put it in his bottle) So during his bath he finished off a half of a jar of pears that I added baby rice to, and then I had josh warm up the left over nanners from earlier and he polished those right off! By George I think he's got it down! HOORAY!!! What a kid! Here's to my Gage baby and having many more good days in our future & Lots more nanners too!

Dear 2009

I'm real nervous about your presence! 2008 has damaged me, Broke my heart and left me empty! Please be kind 2009 to my family & I, we've been through so much! Please bring us peace, Happiness and LOTS of Love! Bring us health and keep us close together! Let's make this a good year 2009!
With Deepest Sincerity,Seana M.Pyatt

Happy New Year

Josh didn't have to work New Years Eve but we didn't go anywhere or do much! We just stayed home and hung out the 3 of us! It was nice really! Although I love partying in the New Year usually! It was nice to just be with my loves in our home! I put Gage to bed around 10 although if he wanted to stay up I would have let him just to be with him at midnight! But we've finally got him on a schedule so he was ready for bed bout 10 ish! So Josh & I just watched T.V and whatched the count down at Midnight! It was a good calm ending to a crazy year! Goodbye 2008!

Our New Years Eve Kiss!

Our first Picture of the New Year!

Christmas 2008! (Late Post)

So we had a great Christmas very low key but that's what I needed I think! Gage got spoiled rotten! He had a great first Christmas! We missed seeing all our family & friends but all in all it was a pretty good day!