Sunday, March 22, 2009


So I'm the proudest Mommy in the world right now! Check out my amazing Gage baby can do now!

(I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to rotate the video so yeah it's time it'll be right side up)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Saturday, March 14, 2009

UPDATE #5!! (Meeting Miss Marlee)

So my best friend Kasarah's Girlfriend had a baby in November and this past week when we went home I finally got to meet her! We've already got her married off to Gage! Lol! It was arranged long before they were born! It was so good to finally get to hold her chunkiness instead of just seeing it in picture messages on my phone!

Me and my bestie Kasarah! Yeah she makes me look really dark!

Kasarah & Jessica's Oldest Mariah! (that's a temp tattoo on her face) This lil girl will have you rollin on the floor laughing! She's so dang funny!

Lil Miss Marlee Shay 4 Months old! I just love her huge cheeks!

This one's a lil blurry of her but I still love her!

Me and my lil Marlee! We're the same color! lol!

Lil Marlee St. Diapy Head is what we called her! Rockin the Hurley onsie I got her!

UPDATE #4!!! (Rehersal Dinner)

Again I dont have tons of pitures of this night either! But the night before the wedding there was a lil rehersal dinner at Charlie Clarks! It was delish and it was nice to be with family too! We dont get a chance to see them all too often!
Gage with one of his favorite people Aunt Amber!
Cousin Emma!This lil girl is so hard to take a picture of! She wont stand still long enough!

Cousin Emma checking on Gage this happened bout every 10 min.! She had to see baby! She loves Gage so much!

UPDATE #3 (The Wedding)

Now I only have a very few pictures for now! But we went home for a week last week! We went for Josh's moms wedding and to set Gavin's headstone which was in my first update! It was a beautiful wedding and we had such a great time being with our families!
Jack & Kristen the happy couple enjoying their first dance!
Jack feeding Kristen her cake!
Gage ditched his cute dress clothes and had a nice dance with cousin Abby!

Gage & Cousin Zach two of the single men waiting to catch the garter!

There will be more pics in the future when Kristen gets the pics that were done that day back! STAY TUNED!
Plus if I can get my hands on the video of the Irish Jig that a few of us girls did & Grandpa choreographed i will post it! It was a big surprise for the happy couple! It turned out very well!

UPDATE #2!! (Tattoo)

Yep I got some new ink while I was home! And I'm absolutely in love! I know you are all dyeing to see it so here's the pic!
Let me let you in on my lil secret! I got my eyebrows tatted on! My regular brows are very light and fine! Very difficult to take care of! I've been penciling in my brows for years and I was over it! They were done by my Brother in law Klint Edwards at Highlander Tattoos in Show Low
Need some good ink done? Check out Highlander Tattoos! By far the best on the mountain!
(Located Behind Sonic)
Thanks Klint I LOVE them! No more penciling them in! HOORAY!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Though it may seem that I've fallen off the face of the Earth it's actually quite the opposite! I've been running around crazy! I've been keeping up with you guys but only having the time to read what your up to! Trust none of you have been far from my mind during my endless running! The biggest thing I have to update you on is Gavin's Headstone! YES....we finally got it set, and it looks absolutely AMAZING! My Husband, Brothers in Law, Klint and Jason, and Best Friend Kasarah set it together making it a lot more meaningful! So here are the pictures of that day! What and overwhelming set of emotions I went through! Josh had gone a few days prior to setting the headstone and poured the concrete base that the whole headstone would sit on! So Sunday the 8th we all gathered and set our babies headstone!

My husband payed so much attention to every lil detail and it shows! I'm not sure what I would do with out him! Thank You baby!

So I know a few people have said they would like to visit Gavin sometime so here's where his grave is located! He is not actually in the baby section but his Headstone is overlooking the baby section in the Showlow Cemetery!

I have so many more updates with tons more pictures to come! I will be on a lot more often now that things have slowed down a lil! Hopefully I can start to catch up on commenting too! Love you all!